Vision/ Mission


As a  global university  Global Humanistic University (GHU)  located in the  Caribbean, will home thousands of students via distance learning.  Higher education has great potential as a link between universities and society  via distance learning.   Goal is about transformational journeys, empowering our students with the tools, attributes and opportunities to turn their potential into success.   

Today  students have grown up in a world where information is shared and interaction happens with ease over the internet. The potential for sharing information has changed research and created opportunities for new ways of collaboration often referred to as open science or open research. Such practices include the sharing of data and drafts before publication, open notebooks, and open access to publications. New generations of students will increasingly be familiar with models of blended learning with online content.  These increase new possibilities  for academic dialogue and self-guided online learning will enhance the abilities and the independent graduates.  Students enjoy mobility  between different sectors of the economy through placements or through HE programs with private sector  companies.   

We are a global university and like our home,  The Valley/Anguilla  reflect its diversity and share its internationalism, from the different cultures and communities of our student,  our academic partners in the Caribbean, South America, and around the world.   

Everyone who has a PC and Internet should have the opportunity to study affordably whenever however and wherever he is living round the globe. 

Mission statement of the institution

The GHU aims to empower its students and provide them with the necessary tools for a practice-based, logical, and critical way of thinking to help them navigate through information and knowledge and to turn their potential into success. 

The Global Humanistic University’s mission is to produce a global community of students and researchers who will make vital and lasting sustainable contributions to the economic, cultural, and social well-being of the societies in which they live and work. Bearing in mind the fact that the university’s main objective is to shape the future of professionals through its own unique approach and teaching methods, the goal is ultimately the self-realization of each individual student.  

The GHU’s aim for the near future – reflected in its mission statement - is to realize its eight strategic goals and to fulfill all core tasks for each goal: 

  • 1. Practical and research-oriented e-learning university 

  • 2. Practice-based university grounded on research 

  • 3. Responsible, supervised academic learning 

  • 4. Interactive use of new media as an advanced teaching method 

  • 5. E-Study program innovation 

  • 6. Consistent internationalization 

  • 7. Safeguarding good scientific practice 

  • 8. Quality and Sustainability 

Mission statement of the Business School/ Program 

The overall purpose of our programs is to develop professionals who can work in an ethical, perceptive, long-lasting sustainable contributions and flexible manner in a range of organizations and companies in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment.